Sports nutrition

Nutrition for sport

strengthening the body and preventing injury

With a family who all participate competitively in a range of different sports I can see what a difference it makes when they have the right food, hydration, sleep and relaxation in place.  Ensuring that you have the nutrition you need to support your body is essential whatever sport or exercise you do to help you:

  • have sufficient energy and stamina
  • build and maintain strength
  • recover faster to allow more effective training and to minimise muscle damage
  • maintain healthy immune system to help avoid illness and injury
  • optimise focus and concentration
  • improve performance
  • recover properly from injury

Working together on my 3 month ‘Optimise your health’ programme will enable us to develop the right nutrition plan to support your ongoing sports training as we can monitor progress and make adjustments over time.

Balanced nutrition concept for clean eating flexitarian meditteranean diet. Assortment of healthy food ingredients for cooking on a wooden kitchen table.

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