About Me

It was my own health journey

which ignited my passion for nutrition. Respiratory infections as a child, high sugar diet and low exercise as a teenager, partying and late nights at university culminating in digestive issues, fatigue and headaches in my 20s. In my quest to feel well again I turned to the medical profession for an answer, hoping for a magic quick fix.

When I didn’t find this I began to look to complementary approaches including nutritional therapy. The journey was slow but successful and I learnt so much about the impact of diet and lifestyle choices on my health.

When I found myself experiencing early menopause I was able to support my body using my nutritional knowledge. After my two children suffered with eczema and were diagnosed with allergies, it was strengthening their digestive and immune systems through good nutrition which made a real difference to their symptoms. All of these first-hand experiences of the healing power of food inspired me to train as a nutritional therapist so that I can now support others make food and lifestyle changes to become the healthiest version of themselves.

I am Hertfordshire based

and can see locally based clients in person but work globally over zoom. I want everyone to be as well as they can possibly be and am able to support children and adults of all ages. My areas of particular interest are; Children and teen health; female hormone health from puberty to menopause and beyond; nutrition to complement sports training and recovery after injury.

silhouette fitness girl practicing yoga on mountain with sun light

My Client's Success Stories!​

Sarah gave me nutrition advice whilst training for the London marathon. My muscle aches and cramps reduced, my energy levels improved and I recovered really quickly from the actual day’



‘I consulted Sarah because I had been experiencing some unexplained bloating and other digestive problems. I found Sarah to be extremely knowledgeable and professional, and, with her help, my symptoms were quickly improved. Thank you so much for your advice, it was life changing!



Why not contact me today?

If you or anyone in your family are experiencing any health issues or are looking to optimise your wellbeing then get in touch as I’d love to help.